This Instagram Is On A Mission To Make Twinkies Sexy, And It's Working!

Twinkie Heels

Right now, I need you to think of something sexy. What popped into your mind? Was it Channing Tatum in Magic Mike? Was it that super hot girl in your Psych 101 lecture? I bet I can guess what you did not think of: a twinkie. 

The golden, fluffy, cream-filled treat is anything but sexy. I mean, I guess you could eat a twinkie off of someone or use the cream in foreplay. For the most part, a general twinkie has literally no sex appeal. However, the Instagram account @hostess_snacks is here to change your view of the sweet treat for good. 

The account features twinkies photo-shopped into different sexy scenarios. From women eating twinkies with an extra twinkle in their eye to heels where the twinkie is the heel to edits into major romance films, Hostess Snacks does it all. 

I mean, just look at this excellent recreation of a twinkie as Belle in 2017's Beauty and the Beast. To be completely honest, I think that I like it better as the character than Emma Watson, but do not tell her that I said that. The golden color of the treat perfectly compliments the golden dress. Also, the Beast DEFINITELY loves twinkies. I can actually buy him gazing like this at a cream-filled pastry. 

To make your life even better, Hostess Snacks is not just all about twinkies, although that is about forty percent of their content. They also showcase other Hostess snacks. My personal favorite is a Hostess CupCake photoshopped as Kanye West in the hilarious "Bound 2" music video. Kim Kardashian sexily holds the CupCake within her hands, nuzzling it. 

It goes without saying that this account is gold, like the color of the perfect twinkie. #sorrynotsorry about the corny dad joke. You really need the @hostess_snacks Insta in your life. I mean it might make you crave a Hostess snack, but those things are delicious. TREAT YO' SELF. This account is one of the best marketing campaigns I have ever seen, and I am sure you will not be disappointed by the hilarious comedy featured in every post.