Tiffany Dessa's Keto Fathead Pizza Is Going To Blow Your Pizza-Loving Mind

Tiffany Dessa's Fathead Pizza recipe.
Leah Nolan

Before interviewing Tiffany Dessa, I had never heard of a ketogenic diet. This busy mama is an entrepreneur, single mama of four and a keto enthusiast. For those of you in the same boat as I was, a ketogenic diet is low carb and high fat diet. It forces your body into burning fat instead of carbs and most importantly, helps reduce the risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and epilepsy. The keto diet focuses on “healthy” fats such as fatty acids and proteins, and shies away from carbs, sugar and processed foods. Don’t worry! It encourages eating fruits and veggies too! Would you ever try eating keto?

Photo Credit & Food Styling: Leah Nolan