This Restaurant's "Vegan" Menu Deserves More Than An Eye Roll

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Call the vegan police because this is CSI: Vegan Edition.

I don’t know about you, but vacations are supposed to be about having fun, creating unforgettable memories, relaxing, and eating good food. However, one UK tourist and her sister on vacation in Spain received a head-scratching meal you'll have to see to believe.

Trust us, the picture is worth a thousand words. Or maybe a thousand tomatoes, in this case.

The sisters headed off to a restaurant to grab some tea and food. One of the sisters ordered a vegan meal from an establishment which claimed to cater to vegans across the board. Not that crazy yet, right? 

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a case of over-hyped advertising.

Vegan Meal In Spain

Yup, that's right. That is a giant plate of tomatoes with some sliced onions on top. 

No dressing required, apparently.

Although it clearly does adhere to vegan requirements, we think there might be something lost in translation here. Oh, and the dish cost roughly $7-$10. Luckily, the woman was a good sport about it and finished her meal. Food is food, amiright? We're sure this will eventually be one of those funny, "Remember that crazy vegan restaurant in Spain stories?" for her and her sister. 

Everyone should have one of those stories.