The Coffee Maker Every French Woman Has in Her Kitchen

The Coffee Maker Every French Woman Has in Her Kitchen

If you’ve visited a classic French home, chances are you’ve sipped a coffee from a French press. American-style coffee markets prove too bulky and obtuse for a minimalist French kitchen, and they may just have a point. While your beloved Mr. Coffee may hold a nostalgic place in your heart, a French Press will bring better quality, longevity and the same buzz we know and love.

Take the Nuvita French Press. This extremely portable French press delivers eight cups of mouth watering, delicious flavor with the utmost convenience.  The French press’s double-screen filter delivers an incredibly smooth finish in every cup— not to mention its incredible, rich aroma. So when it comes to the coffee itself, we say, “check.”

Next, let’s talk design. The Nuvita’s well-constructed stainless frame and sturdy plastic handle make it extremely durable— you can even pop it into the dishwasher. Its minimalist design looks just as grand on your countertop as it does packed away, making it the perfect kitchen décor. To design, we once again say, “check.”

Finally, enjoying this delicious high-quality coffee at home will cost a mere $14.99. And to that we say, “check, check.” While this incredible deal is practically a no-brainer, the incredible smell of freshly pressed coffee may attract unwelcome neighbors during breakfast time…you’ve been warned. So sip a café like the French do, and invest in a gorgeous French press.

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