Tequila Lollipops Are Everything You Need And More

Tequila Lollipops Are Everything You Need And More
Sugar & Cloth

The next best Pinterest recipe is here, and you have to try it yourself.

Turning childhood memories into alcoholic fun has definitely gotten super popular. We have no problem having a good time without alcohol but… Wine popsicles? Yes, please. Slip ‘n Slide beer games? Sign me up!

And, what grown up doesn’t miss eating lollipops without feeling like someone with Adult Baby Syndrome? (Yes, this is a real thing.)

Cosmopolitan.com’s Cosmo Bites and Sugar & Cloth are two of the many recipe creators who are coming up with their own adult version of lollipops.

Not only are both of these recipes tasty and fun but they’re also beautiful to look at. So we promise, you won’t look like you have a “being-a-baby” fetish when snacking on these. 

Another bonus is that they are surprisingly easy to make. You don’t need to be a master confectioner to be able to cook these up. All you need is alcohol, water, sugar, corn syrup, food coloring and a flavoring of your choice. You’ll need a few tools too like silicon mats and a candy thermometer.

Sugar & Cloth

Here’s the recipe from Sugar & Cloth

¼ cup of tequila (Or clear rum if you’ve taken one too many tequila shots before. Once you get sick, it’ll always be ick) 
¾ cup water
3 cups sugar
½ cup corn syrup
A splash of flavor, they recommend Peppermint
Food coloring
Lollipop sticks

Keep the silicon mats nearby so you can quickly pour the mixture into the mold.

1. In a saucepan, stir the water, sugar and corn syrup together. Once it’s all mixed together - stop stirring and bring it to a boil. Let it boil without stirring again, at all.

2. Put the thermometer into the mixture and keep it heating until the temperature reaches 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Add the liquor once it has been heated to 320 degrees and give one quick stir. Let it heat again until it reaches 310 degrees. But you don't want to heat it up too hot or for too long because the alcohol will burn off.

4. Take the mixture off heat and spoon some into the molds. Drop a little bit of food coloring onto the lollipop stick and swirl into the liquid mixture, until you get the design of your choice. Then lay the stick in place and let it cool.

The lollipops should cool and harden after 10 to 15 minutes. Sugar & Cloth says if they do not fully harden, that means the mixture didn’t reach the temperature needed to hard correctly.

Here is Cosmo’s video if you wanna see it for yourself before trying it out.

Enjoy! Keep out of reach of children.