The New Starbucks Horchata Frappuccino Might Be Even Better Than A Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

Starbucks Horchata Frappuccino

Thank goodness Starbucks is doing what it can to erase the horrible memories planted by the gag-worthy Unicorn Frappuccino. While we thank Starbucks (and the coffee gods) that the pink drink is no more, we now have something else to scream about! And no, it’s not the one with beef jerky; it’s something so much better! Meet the Horchata Frappuccino.

But first, a quick history lesson. What is horchata? For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the name, horchata originated in Valencia, Spain and is made from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, and barley or tigernuts (chufa nuts). The refreshing beverage became a popular summertime drink across Europe and, eventually, in South America when Spanish Conquistadors sailed over and introduced it. Interestingly, horchata in these countries varies greatly, yet a few things remain the same; it has to be refreshing, creamy, and tan in color. Think of these as the ‘Horchata Commandments’!

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Starbucks Horchata Frappuccino
Credit: Starbucks Newsroom

Now, Starbucks gives horchata the remix it deserves. The super tasty Horchata Frappuccino is the brand’s newest concoction, perfect for those who have been craving an almond milk option on the menu. It’s made from almond milk, cinnamon dolce syrups, coffee, and ice, harmoniously blended together. On top of it is a rich dollop of whipped cream, drizzled with sensationally sweet caramel, and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Does it sound like magic? That's because it is!

The arrival of the new beverage is a much-welcomed addition to Starbucks’ diverse menu. It's a champion concoction for anyone to enjoy but especially for those anxious to try Starbucks' first almond milk based drink. 

Tempted yet? Head over to Starbucks in August and see what all the excitement is about!