#CoupleGoals: Elderly Couple Travels Nearly 5 Million Miles To Visit Every Cracker Barrel In America

Cracker Barrel

Is there anything better than sharing a meal with someone you love? What about sharing it at your favorite restaurant? What about at every location of your favorite restaurant?  

Meet Ray and Wilma Yoder, the couple that has gone the extra mile, literally, for their #CoupleGoals.

The story started 40 years ago when Ray, now 80 and retired, delivered RVs around the country for a living. It was work that kept him on the road and away from his wife, Wilma, for long stretches of time. During those travels, Ray started to visit the iconic Cracker Barrel restaurant for a bit of R&R.

"It took the boredom out of being on the road. It has a down-home spirit, and everybody is friendly," Ray told the Lebanon Democrat.

Ray & Wilma Yoder
Credit: TIME

Soon, stopping at different locations of his favorite restaurant became more of a hobby, one which Wilma, deciding to join him on the road, also embraced. Eventually, the two made a pact to visit every Cracker Barrel location around the country. Of their experiences there, Ray says they always receive impeccable service. Over their years of Cracker Barrel visits, the Yoder’s have only made two rules; always buy something and always tip. Sounds fair, right?

To date, the couple has traveled over a whopping five million miles on their quest! In case you were wondering, that's enough to drive around the Earth forty times. If you enjoyed that crazy tidbit, here’s something even crazier. The Yoders once visited eight locations in one day! That's a lot of Cracker Barrel's famous dumplings!

As you may have guessed, these quasi-celebrities are now the face of Cracker Barrel. When the Yoders visit restaurants, they often receive gift baskets or take photos with the staff. Even better, Ray and Wilma plan to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony at the grand opening of a new chain in Lavonia, Georgia.

We can’t wait for them to complete this journey they began 40 years ago. With 644 out of 645 locations done, they're nearly there. We wish nothing but the best for them!