Clambake! Tips on How to Throw a Retro Beach Party with Seafood Favorites

Clambake! Tips on How to Throw a Retro Beach Party with Seafood Favorites
Boston Magazine

Clambake! Elvis sang a whole song about this seafood party and it's time you had a retro inspired affair of your own. 

So, other than a beach party where everybody wears turtlenecks and jackets, what are you supposed to do at a clambake?

Well, mainly it's an opportunity to have fresh, simple seafood at a party with your friends. Now, a beachy feast can sound like a real pain, but the basic recipes are surprisingly easy.

Boston Magazine

Boston Magazine suggests you throw all your favorites into one pot and boil.  Take some garlic, onions, leeks, potatoes, corn, and chorizo and pop in your seafood favorites. It all cooks in one pot, so every flavor gets married together perfectly.

Nerdy Mamma

Then, take everything and dip it in clarified butter. Nerdy Mamma tells you the best way to get this addictive butter. For the party, it's fun to serve it in little cups made from hollowed-out lemons. You get an added citrus kick and it's just plain cute.

The Chunky Chef

For an extra decadent side dish, try these sweet corn fritters. They go well with everything and the sriracha honey will add a little kick to the entire meal.

Mommy Moment

Now, it's not a party without dessert. These mini-lemon no-bake cheesecakes are perfect. The citrus flavor isn't too sweet and pairs well with all the seafood of the evening.  Plus, you can make them in little mason jars, so it's easy to put a lid on them and take them down to the beach. The only problem is people might want to eat more than just one. Mommy Moment has the recipe for these easy to make gems.

Kitchen Treaty

To pair with all this fun, delicious food and seaside atmosphere, you need a nice, light drink. You could always stick with a white wine or light beer, but if you want to make up a batch of something for your friends, you can't do much better than this white wine strawberry lemon sangria. Kitchen Treaty has a recipe for this sweet, tart drink that tastes super refreshing at your outdoor event.

With just five recipes, you'll have an epic clambake that all your friends will love. Don't forget to put on a beach party playlist to have an Elvis level jam!

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