Canned Wine Will Be Your Newest Alcohol Obsession

Canned Wine Will Be Your Newest Alcohol Obsession

Honestly, we'll drink wine out of any vessel: an actual wine glass, a coffee mug, the bottle, etc. The only problem with all of that is that sometimes, carrying a bottle of wine around in your purse to sneak into the movie theater or your kid's second-grade play isn't exactly convenient (or encouraged), so we're SO thankful for the geniuses who came up with the idea of canned wine!

We know, we know. You're probably thinking, "Umm...why?" Well, we'll tell you why! Because why not? It makes sense when you think about it, you can buy pretty much any and every beverage in the form of a can: beer, energy drinks, water, etc., so why would wine be any different?

One thing that was of concern when hearing about wine in a can was that it would have a slightly metallic taste from, you know, being in a tin can. However, according to Wine Folly, a blog that tells you literally any and everything you could ever want to know about wine, says there's nothing to worry about there.

"Like other products sold in a can (beer, soda, etc) the canned wine we tasted didn’t have tinny flavors. Some producers use lined aluminum cans and others do not," the blog wrote. "There was, however, a huge difference in the taste based on how it was served!" 

Although the blog recommends pouring the wine into an actual wine glass, we think that kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think? 

Over the past year, more and more companies are serving up canned wine. Something that hopefully we'll see continue on trend into the spring and summer, because what sounds better than cracking open a cold can of Pinot Grigio on a warm, sunny day? NOTHIN' WE TELL YOU, NOTHIN'!

If you wanna hop on this awesome trend, we recommend trying Union Wine Co.'s canned wine. The Oregon-based company offers Pinot Noir, a Rosé, a sparkling wine, and Pinot Gris in a four-pack of cans, which will cost you $28. And while that might seem like a steep price, each can is 375 ml, which is basically half of a bottle. You can purchase them here

Now, excuse us while we head to the store to pick some of these babies up. After all, it's five o'clock somewhere.